How Can Chemical Peels Help Correct Skin Concerns for Men and Women

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For some people, skin concerns like wrinkles, sun spots, and uneven tone can be a source of embarrassment and frustration. Chemical peels are nothing new, but their popularity continues to soar as more men and women discover their benefits in Frisco, TX.

A chemical peel – sometimes called skin resurfacing – uses exfoliating solutions to remove dead or damaged skin cells to reveal a healthy complexion beneath. Board-certified acute care nurse practitioner Beverly Farris provides custom treatment plans to help achieve your desired results. Here is what you should know about chemical peels before scheduling your first appointment at AestheticFX Med Spa.

How men and women benefit from chemical peels

One common concern we hear from people is that they want to appear more youthful. Fine lines and age spots can make you look older than you feel. A chemical peel can diminish these wrinkles and give your skin a smoother texture.

Age is not the only reason patients seek out skin resurfacing. Sun damage leaves lasting effects on your skin, even if you use sunscreen regularly. You may have brown spots or an uneven skin tone. Our chemical peels diminish these issues and improve your skin’s overall radiance.

Acne is another major source of frustration among adults, regardless of age or gender. Chemical peels help prevent breakouts by sloughing away dead skin cells that can lead to blemishes. Regular treatments may also reduce scarring from previous breakouts.

Our chemical peels

AestheticFX Med Spa provides exfoliating solutions like glycolic, salicylic, trichloroacetic, and lactic acids for your chemical peel. Each one addresses specific skin concerns in the face, neck, and decolletage areas. Regardless of your peel type, you can expect a more youthful complexion with improved clarity and tone.

A consultation is the best time to discuss your desired results from skin resurfacing treatment. We also provide specific instructions on how to prepare for your chemical peel in Frisco, TX. This may involve avoiding certain products or using a special cleanser in the days leading up to your appointment.

On the day of your peel, we cleanse your skin before applying the exfoliating solution. You may feel a tingling sensation during treatment, but it is generally well-tolerated. We leave the solution on for a predetermined amount of time before removal. A neutralizing agent can be applied to soothe the skin.

Are chemical peels safe?

The trained team at AestheticFX Med Spa is committed to providing the best possible experience when it comes to chemical peels. We understand some individuals feel anxious about undergoing any kind of skin resurfacing treatment. Rest assured, nurse practitioner Beverly Farris creates personalized plans for each patient and will not move forward until you are comfortable.

Caring for your skin after chemical peel treatment

After treatment, it is important to follow Beverly Farris’s post-care instructions. Depending on your specific peel, you may experience some redness in the days following your appointment. Avoid picking at the skin, as this can lead to infection or scarring. You will also need to protect your skin from the sun, so wearing sunscreen is also essential. A wide-brimmed hat can provide additional protection when outdoors.

Refresh your skin with a chemical peel

Skin concerns are unique to each individual regardless of their stage in life. If you are interested in learning about chemical peels and how they provide refreshed results in Frisco, TX, call AestheticFX Med Spa to schedule an assessment with board-certified acute care nurse practitioner Beverly Farris. Our knowledgeable staff can examine your skin and make recommendations for the best possible treatment.

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