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How Can Men Benefit from Dermal Fillers?

Beverly Farris | 11/12/2023

Think injectable fillers are just for women? Think again! Discover the exciting ways that men, too, can enhance their appearance with fillers.


What Will My Skin Feel Like After a Chemical Peel?

Beverly Farris | 10/16/2023

Prepare for your upcoming chemical peel by understanding how your skin may feel and what to do (and not to do) following treatment.


What Is a Hydrafacial Good for?

Beverly Farris | 08/25/2023

Explore the benefits of Hydrafacial treatments with Beverly Farris at AestheticFX Med Spa in Frisco, TX, for acne, aging skin, and rejuvenation.


Improve the Quality of Your Skin With a Chemical Peel

Beverly Farris | 07/30/2023

Experience skin rejuvenation with a chemical peel at AestheticFX Med Spa in Frisco, TX. Let Beverly Farris guide you toward your best skin yet.


How Safe is Dermaplaning for the Skin?

Beverly Farris | 06/10/2023

Exfoliation treatments are a great way to smooth away minor blemishes. Learn about skin rejuvenation and how we produce amazing dermaplaning results.


Get Rid of Drooping Skin with PDO Threads

Our Team | 05/16/2023

Drooping and sagging skin can make you feel embarrassed. Read about our innovative PDO thread lift and how we lift your features for a refreshed look.


Achieve Glowing Skin with a Hydrafacial

Our Team | 04/19/2023

Do you have dry or dull skin? Our state-of-the-art Hydrafacial can give you refreshed, glowing skin. Ask how our advanced facials work at our clinic.


Four Signs Your Skin Could Benefit From a Chemical Peel

Our Team | 03/21/2023

Discover the telltale signs that may mean a chemical peel is the right skin rejuvenation treatment for you.


What Will My Facial Skin Feel Like After Dermaplaning?

Our Team | 02/09/2023

Learn how dermaplaning will impact your skin with slight tightness and flaking to reveal a renewed and smoother appearance.


Give Your Bum a Boost with Sculptra® Injections

Our Team | 01/12/2023

If you are tired of having a sagging rear end, learn how a Sculptra butt lift can give you natural-looking results.


Give Your Skin a Deep Clean With a Hydrafacial

Our Team | 12/15/2022

Learn how a Hydrafacial can effectively clean out your pores to leave your skin looking cleaner, smoother, and more vibrant.


How Can I Tighten Aged Facial Skin Without Surgery?

Our Team | 11/05/2022

Tired of wrinkles and loose skin? Our med spa is proud to offer a nonsurgical facelift, also known as a thread lift. Read more about PDO threads here.


How Can Chemical Peels Help Correct Skin Concerns for Men and Women

Our Team | 10/06/2022

Chemical peels can reduce a wide range of skin concerns in men and women. Learn about our advanced skin resurfacing treatments at our Med Spa.


Reduce Fat and Tighten Your Skin With Noninvasive TruSculpt® Technology

Our Team | 09/22/2022

Body contouring procedures involve a form of fat removal and tightening loose skin. Discover our TruSculpt technology and how it works at our clinic.


How Long Until Scars Diminish After Laser Scar Treatment?

Our Team | 08/05/2022

A helpful guide on what to expect with laser scar treatment, including how long it may take your scar to fade away.


Will I Have Swelling After Dysport® Injections?

Our Team | 07/05/2022

Dysport injections can help you reduce the appearance of wrinkles between the eyes with minimal swelling. Keep reading to learn more.


Will My Skin be Dry After Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Our Team | 06/07/2022

Laser hair removal may cause temporary dry skin, but these side effects can be managed. Learn about laser treatment from our cutting-edge med spa.


How Does XEOMIN® Differ From BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM®?

Our Team | 05/06/2022

XEOMIN is a popular anti-aging treatment for many people. Compare wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers to determine which one is best for your needs.


Will My Skin be Dry After Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Our Team | 04/07/2022

Excess hair can be a nuisance, but laser hair removal can provide smoother skin. See how we relieve side effects like dry skin after laser treatment.


Can I Achieve Flawless-Looking Skin With Laser Acne Treatment?

Our Team | 03/04/2022

Blemishes and breakouts can make your skin feel less than radiant. See how laser acne treatment can create a smoother and more flawless complexion.


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